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Seestras On A Roadtrip.

Not spoiler free!!

Caskett, Skyeward, Shules, Casey x Dawson, Lauriver, Clois, Sethummer, Peeta x Katniss.

Natalie, 20 years old. Canada. Vegetarian. Demiromantic.


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Nov 14 '12






i actually had to read it twice because the first time, i literally read Kate Castle and was like what.

It isn’t going to be Beckett. Hate to be a downer; but does anyone actually think that Marlowe would really knock her up? Because he is the King at character and plot development; and this is not something that would fit where the show is at right now. My bet is on Meredith from Grey’s.

Agreed. Definitely not going to be Beckett. That’s just not Marlowe’s style.

But yeah, I TOTALLY read that as “Kate Castle” and it made me happy.

Glad I wasn’t the only one!^ I was like.. Kate Castle? Pregnancy? What season are we in again?

This is Marlowe we’re talking about, not Shonda Rhimes.

I think it’s Jenny. They did mention something about Ryan’s family expanding…

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    Me toooooo!
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    Unless Stana is pregnant in real life and they have to write it into the show like they did for ‘Bones’ I could not see...
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    I really hope it’s Meredith from Grey’s. And then Zola would get a little brother or sister. That would be so cute!
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    It won’t be Beckett - Marlowe isn’t that stupid. And I don’t think it’ll be Jenny; it’s kind of implied that only the...
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    I’m not even sure they’d do a scare story line. I know from other discussion boards that there would be a mutiny in the...
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    I doubt it’s Beckett. If they were going to touch on anything pregnancy related this season a scare would be a lot more...
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    I’m sure Jenny will be announced to be expecting by the Christmas episode, but I don’t think this article means her...
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